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  •  Bank Reconciliations

  •  Simple Day End procedure

  •   Up to the minute Financial Statements

  •  Easy access to Customer payment information


  •  Live financial figures

  •  Immediate access to open orders

  •  Easy printing of statements, aged reports, invoices, credit notes.

  •  Duo Account Managers


  •  Multiple color and assorted stock

  •  Unlimited size pre-packs and open stock

  •  Costing calculator

  •  Independent Customer pricing

  •  Complete print dashboard allowing for multiple types of reports, labels

Order Processing

  • Distribution orders

  • Easy access to Customer ordering information

  • Shipping dates linked to purchase orders

  • Line sheets

Delivery Slips

  • Bills of Lading

  • Third Party Shipping Manifest


  • Simply input the Packing Slip number to invoice

  • Short stock warning will alert you if there is a problem with inventory.

  • Automatic Back Order System

 Purchase Orders

  • Multiple graphics can be added to each purchase order

  • Special carton breakdowns can be created for each style

  • Deposits/Payments module to keep track of finances

  • PO Tracking allowing for split shipments when necessary

  • Easy receiving procedure that allows for posting of AP invoice and AP 0 balances.

  • Simple procedure for landing goods.

And much more...