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Allow us to introduce BizMan, a complete solution for running your business. Yes, this is a bold statement, but the proof is in the experience. There are many databases available on the market today; the difference between them and us is enormous. We designed BizMan to run your business completely, no additional software is necessary.  Data can easily be imported and exported to spreadsheet and word processing programs. 
Finally, it is
easy to use and affordable.

Who should use it?

Any business that has complicated seasonal styling issues and inventory structures that are difficult to manage. Although developed in a footwear importing business, the structure can apply to any company that requires multiple color and size pre-packs.

What are the advantages?

An enormous saving of the time you currently require to manage your business. As all departments are connected, errors are eliminated and issues are immediately brought to your attention. Reducing errors increases your profits, your staff works more efficiently and you will enjoy working your business.

Where is the data stored?

All information is stored on your company server (on site). No special hardware is required.

When do you implement?

The best time would be as soon as possible.

Why is it your best solution?

Simple, it makes running your business easy. No other software is necessary. From styling to financial statements, BizMan handles it all.

How does it do this?

The program has dissected every process involved with your business. There are access points in every screen that allows for quick verification of information. All departments communicate. As an example, when shipping dates on special customer orders are modified, those changes are translated to outstanding purchase orders and shipment tracking. This information allows the company to see when inbound shipping problems will potentially cause issues with customer cancellation dates. Problems are handled immediately, stress is reduced and financial penalties are averted due to the ease of using the program.


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